Burn Injuries

Protecting the Rights of Burn Victims

Second and third degree burns can cause lifelong pain, numbness, disability and disfigurement. Treatment for burns often requires painful cleansing and redressing of the burn wounds, skin grafts and multiple surgeries. In addition, the lack of sensation and limits on mobility can severely hinder functioning.

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We hold the party who caused your burns responsible and help you recover the compensation you need to obtain medical care and maintain your quality of life after a burn.

Burn Degree

Burns are classified by the depth and extent to which tissue is damaged. In addition, the percentage and the area of the body that is burned affect the recovery outcomes. Degrees of burns are:

  • First-degree burnsinjure only the outermost layer of the skin. These minor burns can cause pain and redness, but are rarely serious and typically heal on their own or with basic first aid.
  • Second-degree burnspenetrate to the underlying tissue. Second-degree burns are considered serious if they are more than two to three inches wide or if they occur on the face, hands, buttocks, groin, feet or a major joint.
  • Third degree burns affect the deepest layer of skin and may extend into the subcutaneous tissues, muscles, nerves and bones. Third degree burns require immediate medical intervention.

Types of Burn Accidents

The treatment you receive for your burn depends upon the cause of the accident. Generally, burns are classified as:

  • Thermal:Thermal burns are caused by heat, which may include a hot surface, fire or scalding water. Common causes of thermal burns include automobile fires, kitchen accidents, exploding firecrackers, faulty space heaters or other small appliances that catch on fire.
  • Electrical:An electrical burn occurs when an electrical current passes through the body, often causing burns to deep tissues. Contact with defective electronics or wiring can spark a harmful electrical arc or shock.
  • Chemical:Chemical burns happen when the skin comes in contact with a volatile substance, such as acid, lye, gasoline or other corrosive chemical agents.

Complications of Burn Injuries

The skin is the largest organ in the body. Damage to this important organ can cause severe complications, including:

  • Inability to control body temperature
  • Failure to keep out pathogens and fight infection
  • Lack of feeling in the affected area because of nerve damage
  • Poor circulation to the area because of vascular damage
  • Stiffening of skin that limits mobility
  • Permanent numbness, pain and discomfort
  • Scars and disfigurement

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