Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) Treatment

Compensation So You Can Get the Care You Need

The Rudman Law Firm, APC is a boutique personal injury law firm that advocates for accident victims. Our firm only handles injury recovery claims so we can help injured clients get the care they need.

Even minor brain injury requires expensive treatments. Moderate to severe brain damage often necessitates 24-hour medical supervision. You should be able to get the treatments you need to improve your chances of recovering from the TBI and money should not be a deterrent.

We consult with experts to calculate costs of your treatments and anticipated future medical needs. We then pursue your rightful compensation from the negligent person or corporation that caused your brain injury.

Importance of Immediate Care for TBI

Symptoms of a head injury sometimes do not manifest for days or weeks after an accident. In fact, one may not notice the changes in his or her own cognition, memory, judgment, senses or behavior until these symptoms become apparent to loved ones, work colleagues and neighbors. By then a victim may have missed precious opportunities for early brain injury treatments. For this reason, accident victims should seek the care of a doctor as soon as a head injury has occurred. A doctor can examine a victim to detect early signs of brain damage and prescribe important tests to confirm a diagnosis. Early detection of TBI leads to early medical intervention that may improve chances of recovery.

Urgent Care for Traumatic Brain Injuries

Urgent care for a brain injury can sometimes mean the difference between life and death. The emergency responders may stop bleeding or deliver oxygen at the scene of the accident. Upon arrival at the hospital, urgent care doctors may need to reduce swelling or relieve skull pressure on the brain to prevent further damage. Doctors typically administer the Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS), the Abbreviated Injury Scale (AIS) or the Trauma Score to determine the level of damage to the brain so they can develop an effective patient care plan.

Long-term TBI Care

Many TBI patients need rehabilitation to regain cognitive skills, motor skills and memory. Patients with permanent damage may benefit from vocational rehab to learn to live with a disability. Doctors might also prescribe pharmaceuticals to relieve pain, fight infection or reduce inflammation associated with the brain injuries.

Patients with the most severe brain damage can no longer care for themselves. Most families are not equipped to take on the 24-hour, day-to-day tasks of caring for a loved one in an altered state and have to rely upon a nursing home or assisted living facility.

Learn More about Calculating Costs of TBI Treatment

The Rudman Law Firm, APC has handled numerous TBI claims and has the tools and experience to calculate costs of treatment and other damages. Schedule a free evaluation of your head injury claim by calling our office in Encino at (818) 769-6969 or toll free at (844) 478-3626 / (844) 4RUDMAN.

We take your case on contingency, so you can pursue justice without the need to pay out of pocket for legal fees. We only charge you for attorneys’ fees once we have recovered damages.

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