Taxi Accidents

Protecting Los Angeles Cab Passengers and Drivers

Taxi service is vital in Los Angeles’s sprawling city and surrounding suburbs. For the most part, taxis are safe. However, when you hail a cab, you are climbing into a vehicle with an unknown repair history and being driven by a stranger. As a taxi driver, you are also at heightened risk because of the number of hours you spend on the road and the constant stream of strangers who are in your vehicle.

The Rudman Law Firm, APC exclusively handles personal injury claims. We devote our entire experience and all of our resources to this one area of law so we can provide injured victims with the most effective representation we can. Our lawyers have a combined 75 years of experience helping people injured in car wrecks in Southern California, including Los Angeles and Studio City. We can help you recover from a taxi accident.

Negligent Taxi Drivers and Vehicle Owners

Drivers of taxis, livery cabs, limousines, passenger vans and ridesharing vehicles have a high duty of care to protect passengers and pedestrians. Unfortunately, some careless drivers who work in the industry regularly talk on the phone, text and engage in other distractions while driving. Because they are tasked with getting passengers to their destinations on time, reckless taxi drivers are apt to speed, run red lights and fail to yield.

Taxi passengers are not exempt from laws governing proper child restraint. Therefore, tourists must bring a car seat from home or rent one while travelling in Los Angeles. Although backseat passengers in such vehicles are exempt from California’s seat belt laws, buckling up is a good idea.

Ridesharing Safety

Uber, Lyft and other ridesharing services have sprung up across Los Angeles as part of the sharing economy. This unique business model has triggered new legal questions regarding liability when a passenger, pedestrian or driver is injured in an accident or assault.

A driver’s personal auto insurance may not cover injuries sustained while the driver is engaged in a commercial activity, that of driving passengers to their destinations. Even if the driver’s policy covers the crash injuries, the driver might have only purchased the minimum amount of liability insurance required by law at the lower premiums.

Transportation network companies (TNCs), which use online platforms to connect drivers with their rides, may only have insurance to cover accidents that occur while its drivers are on duty, but have challenged their liability for injuries that occurred between rides.

Our law firm takes on challenging questions that shape personal injury laws. We determine who is at fault when multiple parties attempt to deflect responsibility to pursue your rightful recovery.

Consult with Experience PI Attorneys About Taxi Accident Injuries

The Rudman Law Firm, APC takes challenging cases involving taxi accident injuries. For help with your case, call our Encino office at (818) 769-6969 or toll free at (844) 478-3626 / (844) 4RUDMAN. Our contingency agreement means you do not pay us until we recover compensation for you.

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