What are Common Injuries Sustained in Personal Injury Cases?

Accidents Result in a Wide Variety of Injury Types

For every type of accident, whether a car crash, a slip and fall, or a product related injury, there is a wide array of injury types that can occur. Every part of the body is susceptible to different forms of injury and the forces applied upon the body when an accident occurs will dictate the kind of injury as well as the severity.

As a personal injury law firm with over 75 years combined experience representing injured parties in Los Angeles, Studio City and surrounding areas, the attorneys of The Rudman Law Firm, APC understand the nature of various types of injuries. We are able to articulate the effects they have on a client’s life, and the types of medical care required, in the context of a personal injury case.

Injuries Commonly Sustained in Car Accidents

When vehicles collide, kinetic forces are suddenly applied to the body which has a limited tolerance to those forces. Further, in car wrecks the body may be caused to impact the interior of the vehicle. Injuries frequently sustained in automobile accidents include:

  • Brain Injuries,which can occur due to a direct blow to the head by an object or the interior of the vehicle, or as a result of a sudden deceleration caused by the change in velocity of the head which causes the brain’s axons to stretch to the point of tearing, also known as “shearing”.
  • Spinal Injuries,which can occur due to the sudden jarring movement the spine undergoes in a vehicle collision. Neck injuries, from “whiplash”, as well as injuries to the back can occur due to damage caused to the muscles and ligaments around the spine, or to the vertebrae, disks or nerves in and around the spinal cord.
  • Chest Injuries,which can occur due to the pressure placed on the sternum by the seatbelt, or due to impact with the steering wheel, especially when a seatbelt is not used. Airbags have helped to diminish these types of injuries.
  • Knee Injuries,which can occur when the knees impact the interior of the vehicle underneath the dashboard, or due to hyper-extension or severe twisting of the legs. These may include patella (knee cap) fractures, or tears to the meniscus or ligaments within the knee.
  • Shoulder injuries,can occur due to outstretched arms grasping a steering wheel, which can cause tears of the rotator cuffs or tendons. Further, whiplash can cause subacromial impingement syndrome.

Injuries Commonly Sustained in Fall Accidents

When a person slips, trips or falls due to a dangerous condition on either public or private property, serious injuries can ensue, such as:

  • Head Injuries,which may occur when the head forcibly impacts the ground, and which sometimes result in traumatic.
  • Spinal Injuries,which can occur due to either blunt trauma to the spine as a result of an impact with the ground, or due to the twisting movement a fall, or attempts to recover from a fall.
  • Hip and Pelvis Injuries,including fractures of the proximal or upper part of the femur, the acetabulum, or a portion of the pelvis (often the pubic ramus). A hip dislocation may also occur.
  • Knee Injuries,can occur from direct impact of the knees upon the ground, or from twisting or hyper-extending the legs. Injuries may include fractures, dislocation, Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injuries, Posterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries, Collateral Ligament Injuries, Meniscal Tears, and Tendon Tears.
  • Bone Fractures,which can occur due to the body’s impact upon the ground, forcible twisting, or outstretched arms a fall victim uses to brace him or herself.

Injuries Commonly Sustained in Accidents involving the Use of Industrial Equipment

Industrial injuries often occur due to the use of a defective product or piece of equipment. Typical injuries may include:

  • Burn Injuriesinvolving thermal, chemical, or electrical burns caused by the use of a dangerous piece of machinery on a jobsite.
  • Amputation and Crush Injuriesinvolving mangling, total or partial loss of fingers, arms, legs, feet or toes due to a lack of adequate point of operation guards, or other safety mechanisms, on industrial equipment.
  • Degloving Injuriesinvolving avulsions (i.e. pulling or tearing away) of an extensive portion of skin from the underlying tissue.

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