Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer Shares Concerns About Playground Concussion Dangers

August 1, 2016 | Category: Personal Injury

In an age where gaming consoles and smart phones are in the hands of about 56 percent of children in the U.S., playgrounds are virtually essential in ensuring that fresh air and exercise are also part of a child's daily life. Still, a recent NBC article has alerted the public that playground concussions are on the rise. They report that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has indicated that the use of playground monkey bars and swings often cause concussions.

Of course, childhood injuries are almost inevitable, but parents need to know the best ways to help protect their children — and what to do when an accident happens.

Common-Sense Measures Help Reduce the Risks of Playground Injuries

It almost goes without saying that a child in motion is a child at risk of injury, and playgrounds encourage active play. The risk of falling is perhaps higher when swinging (and often jumping) or when children lose their grip on monkey bars. Still, parents can take certain actions to reduce the incidence and severity of serious injuries by taking action such as the following:

  • Examine playgrounds for safe conditions: Make sure all equipment is in good repair and that the surfaces are soft enough to absorb some of the shock from a fall.
  • Identify age-appropriate equipment: Look for equipment signs that identify the recommended age for children. Of course, children can limit their activities to age-appropriate equipment only, but when a child is too young to safely use most items in a playground, stay away.
  • Provide proper supervision: Age does not necessarily make or break the abilities of a good supervisor, but choosing a sibling who is two years older than the child is generally not a good idea. Young or old, however, supervisors need to be dedicated to constant monitoring — and know what to do when accidents happen.

When Accidents Happen, Err on the Side of Caution

Many accidents happen entirely too quickly to prevent them, so anyone entrusted to the supervision of children needs to know what to do in an emergency to help prevent injuries from worsening. For example, if there is any doubt, it is better to leave the physical handling of an injured child to a professional. That said, a call to 911 is often the right decision.

Considering how frequently head injuries occur, it is important to understand that seemingly minor bumps on the head can be more serious than they appear. Even if a child wants to continue playing, a trip to the doctor can help prevent serious delayed onset injuries.

Finally, keep in mind that some injuries might have been prevented with reasonable care. Perhaps it seems like the parties in charge of a playground might have prevented injuries through better maintenance, or supervision might have been lax.

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