Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney Warns of Recent E-Cig Injuries

July 27, 2016 | Category: Personal Injury

Concerns about lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery explosions and fires are not new. In recent years, news reports about injuries caused by a variety of rechargeable devices appear with some regularity. Each Los Angeles personal injury attorney at our firm warns that consumers seldom know much about the batteries that power every device they use. The fact is that even very small Li-ion batteries can cause serious injuries.

Electronic cigarettes (e-cigs) were intended to be safer than traditional cigarettes, but they are the subject of debate due to a variety of safety concerns. However, last March NBC News reported a less-known risk: battery explosions.

Three California E-Cig Lawsuits Filed in One Week

Considering that millions of people have taken up the use of e-cigs in recent years, it is probably not surprising that last March, California alone saw three injury lawsuits related to these devices. The use of battery-powered cigarettes near the face can lead to many types of injuries.

In just one case reported by Los Angeles Times, one puff caused burns to the victim's mouth, damage that required amputation of the index finger on the dominant hand and tongue damage that required surgery. Injuries to other victims have run the gamut, from leg burns caused by an e-cig stored in a pocket to concussion, not to mention vehicle and room fires.

Government regulation has not kept up with the sudden popularity of e-cigs, leaving many questions pertaining to who might be liable when device explosions cause injury or other damages.

Lawsuits Cite Many Liable Parties

At first glance, it may seem obvious that the battery manufacturer would be liable in the event of a battery explosion, but it is not necessarily that simple. The recent lawsuits cited many parties because of allegations such as the following:

  • The cigarette manufacturers should have known about the risks of Li-ion batteries, yet they chose to use them in their e-cigs.
  • The manufacturers might also have failed to issue highly-visible warnings that e-cig users must use chargers specifically designed for the devices they purchased.
  • Parts distributors should have had similar knowledge about the risks associated with other parts that might have been culpable in the explosions or fires.
  • Sellers may also have been negligent in issuing appropriate warnings to consumers.

Of course, these are just a few examples of potentially-valid allegations related to e-cigs. However, they illustrate just how complicated any related product liability lawsuit can become particularly with few laws available to set safety standards.

The parties charged in these lawsuits typically have legal teams that are dedicated to presenting defenses for these and other charges. The Rudman Law Firm is equally dedicated to protecting the rights on individuals who suffered serious injuries from these devices. Call us at (844) 478-3626 / (844) 4RUDMAN, at our Los Angeles office at (213) 375-3777 or at our Studio City office (818) 769-6969.

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