Inattentive Driver Illustrates How Much Damage One Semi-Truck Can Do

February 11, 2016 | Category: Truck Accidents

The California Department of Transportation maintains nearly 700 pages of specifications governing every conceivable aspect of road signs displayed throughout the state. Every detail of permanent signs, like stop signs — and temporary signs, like road construction alerts — focuses on ensuring maximum visibility for every driver on the road.

In spite of the efforts made to reduce sudden surprises for drivers, each Los Angeles truck accident lawyer at our firm sees too many accidents caused by driver inattention. When those drivers maneuver 80-ton vehicles for a living, the results are frequently tragic.

Truck Drivers Must Observe a Higher Standard

Most people expect professional drivers of massive vehicles to handle every moment behind the wheel with significantly more care and attention than other motorists observe. In spite of the numerous laws and regulations set forth by state and federal authorities, however, attentiveness was lacking in one trucker, according to a recent report by ABC News.

In September 2015, a trucker seemingly ignored warnings of upcoming construction. The California Highway Patrol cited inattention to construction warning signs and traffic conditions as factors in the crash. Allegedly, he hit a mini-van, rolled forward and hit a pick-up and a box truck before coming to a stop. The accident killed two people at the scene and injured three other victims.

This driver apparently failed to observe the rules of the road that are set forth for all motorists. Furthermore, his inattention could easily have indicated that he failed to observe any number of trucking regulations.

Identifying Underlying Reasons for Inattention Helps Develop Effective Injury Claims

Naturally, a news article provides few details about an accident, but when pursuing compensation for injury claims, attorneys often need to conduct detailed investigations. Powerful insurance companies and dedicated trucking company legal staff can fight hard to defend against any allegations of liability, so claimant lawyers must look beyond just the obvious details of a crash. To receive fair treatment for a claim, it can be helpful to prove that truckers ignored strict regulations, such as the following:

  • Using their hands in any way to operate a mobile phone while operating the vehicle
  • Driving while drowsy due to failure to observe hours of service regulations
  • Obtaining medical certification to drive by providing false or complete medical history information to examiners

It is also possible that a driver's inattention was caused at least partially by the actions of the trucking company. For example, perhaps the company placed unrealistic deadlines on the driver, causing him to cut rest times short. Or, maybe last-minute instructions from a dispatcher — even on a hands-free phone — distracted the driver's mind from the road.

Details can make or break truck accident claims, which is why victims should strongly consider seeking experienced legal advice. First, seek the assistance needed to address injuries. Then call The Rudman Law Firm, APC at 844-478-3626 / (844) 4RUDMAN, at our Los Angeles office at 213-375-3777 or at our Studio City office 818-769-6969.

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