CA Law Confirms: Driving with Suspended Licenses Can Lead to Fatal Accidents

August 18, 2016 | Category: Car Accidents

It is not too surprising to learn that drivers with suspended licenses are four times as likely to be involved in fatal accidents as properly licensed drivers. It is somewhat surprising, however, to find a section of the state vehicle code that contains only statistics. While each Los Angeles car accident attorney at our firm is accustomed to seeing legislation language comprised of rules and regulations, we applaud language that so clearly defines the reasons why driving without a valid license is so dangerous.

Legislation With Statistics Tells an Important Story

A quick review of the some of the California Vehicle Code shows various sections that all begin with phrases like "no person shall" or "it is unlawful for." As a general rule, the purpose of legislation is to state the rules that individuals must follow to remain within the confines of the law. Reasons for legislation are not a general requirement within the language. However, California legislators saw fit to cite a number of important statistics within section 14607.4, including the following:

  • More than 20 percent of drivers involved in fatal accidents are not licensed to drive.
  • Out of an estimated 20 million licenses issued to Californians at any given time, about 720,000 are suspended or revoked, and about 1 million drivers have never been issued licenses.
  • More than 4,000 people are killed in CA accidents, while about 330,000 are injured, and licensed drivers are frequently victims of accidents caused by unlicensed drivers.

The statute section goes on to use these compelling statistics to justify additional steps, such as civil forfeiture of vehicles, used to prevent unlicensed drivers from driving. Then the next section of the Vehicle Code (14607.6) spells out the vehicle forfeiture provisions.

Victims of Accidents Caused By Unlicensed Drivers Can Face Certain Legal Challenges

While drivers with suspended licenses have demonstrated an inability or unwillingness to follow state driving laws, drivers who never received licenses most likely do not even know the laws. In either case, it takes little imagination to recognize why these drivers are likely to cause potentially-serious accidents.

Unfortunately, since unlicensed drivers do not want to get caught, they also show a propensity for hit-and-run accidents as well. Once liable drivers are not identified, of course, victims face significant legal challenges when pursuing compensation for their injuries and other damages.

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