Brain Injuries Are Not Limited to Sporting Activities

July 1, 2016 | Category: Brain Injuries, Personal Injury

With all the media attention in recent years, it is sometimes difficult to think about football players and other athletes without also thinking about brain injuries. In fact, any Los Angeles injury lawyer at our firm is prepared to assist with cases involving these injuries — particularly when they apply to players who are children.

Fewer individuals realize that brain injuries are common to many types of accidents. Anyone who sustains a head injury from any type of accident needs to be aware of the potential long-term effects when these injuries do not receive timely medical attention.

Head Injuries in Sports Actually Apply to Other Common Causes

According to statistics from the Brain Injury Association of California, more than 75 percent of head injuries stem from the following causes:

  • Falls (28 percent)
  • Motor vehicle accidents (20 percent)
  • Blows to the head (19 percent)
  • Assault (11 percent)

With the obvious exception of motor vehicle accidents, the other causes can easily apply to sports. However, recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) statistics cite motor vehicle crashes as the leading cause of traumatic brain injury (TBI)-related fatalities among individuals ranging in age from 5 to 24 years old.

Whether a head injury comes from a heavy can that drops off of a high grocery store shelf, a fall caused by a pothole in a public parking lot or a fall from a bicycle, victims need to take them seriously and seek an assessment from an experienced medical professional, even if the injury does not initially seem serious.

Accountability for Head Injuries Represents an Important Consideration

Brain injuries can result in the need for long-term treatment and care and they often cause permanent disabilities. Unfortunately, anything from early treatment to long-term care can carry a significant price tag.

Add limitations on future employment, psychological effects of TBI and many other considerations to the mix, and it becomes clear that victims need to pursue all compensation they deserve when other parties are liable for all or a portion of an accident that leads to TBI.

Unless a head injury is truly minor, victims should avoid making assumptions about liability without first talking to an attorney who understands the legal issues associated with TBI.

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